About Me

Hey there from Angie and Erin; the 2 Drunk Chicks in Iowa! We have been best of friends for over 25 years… I know we don’t look a day over… never mind! Angie is older that’s all that really matters… (by 5 days) She loves when you remind her of that so feel free!! hehehe About 3 years ago we started a new adventure together! We opened a bar/lounge in our home town called The Sanity Room, please check out our Facebook page! Our town is home of the Mental Health Institute, which we tend to play off of a lot. We have many trinkets from this amazing place. We have an authentic straight jacket, which Ang has tried to me in a few times but that thing creeps me out…! We also have a gurney that we put our “new patients” or virgins, as we like to call them on and give them their free shot of Sanity out of a syringe. No worries it doesn’t hurt that bad, and if you’re really good you get a sticker! We like to be sure that everyone is caught up on their shots… We’re safety girls, can’t ever be to careful! We just gutted and remodeled a building because we lost our minds and felt we needed more space! It has been an amazing transition. All our patients are awesome. We try our best to kill them with sarcasm, spontaneity, and our wild and crazy ideas and themes! We hope to keep you all in the loop of what is to be coming up there and hope to keep you laughing and wondering what will these crazy girls do next..! This is our first attempt at Blogging so please bare with us. I have tried to type this about us thing 3 times and it never saved… if it doesn’t this time I’m busting out the wine….Cross your fingers!